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Did you ever hear that old saying, “you shouldn’t work on your friends’ cars?” Well, it doesn’t apply here. Mechanics Cliff and Jonathan both started out working on their friends’ cars and they’re still doing exactly that!

“My family and I have been bringing our vehicles to Story’s for years and Cliff and his team always solve all problems fast and affordably.”– A.M., Phoenixville (Dodge Charger)

Story’s Garage is taking care of cars for the grandchildren of a few of our long-time customers. If you want your car properly taken care of, by people you can trust, with sensible advice and conscientious service, we’re here for you.

“I used to go to a dealership to have repairs done but we had an emergency and had to go to Story’s Garage a few years back. We will never go anywhere else.”– F.B., Spring City (Ford Focus)

Time and experience have shown us that the most cost-effective way to keep a car reliable for a long time is to do things right the first time! If the lowest price is your most important criterion, we’re probably not a good fit for you but if courteous, reliable service is your chief concern, we’re your men!

“We keep our vehicles for years – why replace something that works fine and meets needs? This approach to transportation management is just not feasible without someone trustworthy and skilled to keep things in order.”– K.S., Phoenixville