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One way to handle maintaining your vehicle is to wait until it breaks down, wait for a tow, wait while a busy shop shoehorns your emergency into its schedule, and possibly face an expensive major repair. A better way is to have Story’s Garage perform factory scheduled maintenance on time and prevent breakdowns. Cars don’t need as much maintenance as they used to, in most respects: there haven’t been breaker points to replace in 40 years, and spark plugs can easily last 60,000 miles, but car manufacturers do specify replacement of fluids, filters, and some other components (like timing belts) at certain intervals. Our experience is that well-maintained cars are the ones that keep on running reliably for hundreds of thousands of miles, and don’t leave their owners stranded at the worst possible times. When you bring your car to us for service we can tell you what the manufacturer recommends. Let Story’s Garage help you keep your car trouble-free!

Diagnostics in Phoenixville, PA

Is your Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light on? Is your car exhibiting weird behavioral symptoms? Would you like someone to tell you, honestly and simply, what’s going on with your car? Here at Story’s Garage we’re equipped to do just that. We have all kinds of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment at our disposal, and years of experience, and we know how to put the two together to pinpoint problems with precision. Cliff is a Connecticut Yankee by birth, and he hates waste: whether it’s wasted time or wasted money, including yours, he just can’t stand it. Neither he nor Jonathan would be caught dead throwing parts at a car to see if something would fix it. We want to know what’s wrong, and why, so that repairs are precise and correct the first time. If we’re working on figuring out a problem with your car we’ll always keep you in the loop; we’ll never dig a money hole and tell you after it’s too late. We like being the shop of last resort, the guys who actually figure out the problem after others have tried and failed. Wouldn’t you agree that it makes more sense to bring it to us in the first place?