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Always with a smile!

As the sign says, Story’s Garage is your car’s best friend, and we like to think of ourselves as friends to our customers as well. After all, you’re trusting us with one of your most expensive investments and something that you depend on to earn a living, taxi the kids around town, and take family vacations. We get that. We understand that you could take your automotive issues anywhere, but after visiting Story’s we don’t think you’ll settle for “anywhere” ever again.

Preventive maintenance: We’d rather do what your car needs to keep it running reliably than fix it when it breaks, but of course we can do both.

Weird problems: funny noises, odd behavior, intermittent glitches—–Your car, not your children!

PA State Safety Inspection and Emissions Testing: Keep an eye on that window sticker and mark it on the calendar!

Oil Changes & routine maintenance services.

Factory-recommended periodic maintenance: We can perform all services required to keep your manufacturer’s warranty in force.

Diagnosis & Repair of check engine lights, computer issues, and electrical problems. We like to pin down the problem before replacing any parts!

Tire Sales, Mounting & Balancing using state-of-the-art Hunter equipment. Our tire changing machine can handle the newest alloy wheels and low-profile tires without making a mark on a wheel and our computerized balancer is extremely accurate. We don’t want your steering wheel to vibrate!

Brake Repair

Wheel Alignment using state-of-the art Hunter computerized aligner. We want your car to steer straight and handle well, and your tires to last as long as possible.

Minor & Major Engine Repair including engine replacement!

Transmission & Clutch Maintenance repair and replacement.

Chassis Maintenance & Repair: Steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust system work.

Air Conditioning & Heating System maintenance and service.

Battery & Electrical System maintenance and service.

Vehicle Repair Phoenixville PA.

Saab Specialist Phoenixville PA.