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When looking to have your car serviced in the Phoenixville area, look no further than Story’s Garage. Cliff will have you back in your car and safely on the road before you know it. We specialize in those hard-to-pinpoint problems. We don’t want you to have to come back multiple times for the same repair, so we fix it right the first time.

We pride ourselves on how well we take care of cars, but even more important to us is how well we take care of our customers. We are proud to say that we are an ATI shop, meaning that we have participated in over 200 hours of business and customer service training through the nationally recognized Automotive Training Institute. You can certainly pick any auto repair shop in the Phoenixville, PA area but you’ll be hard pressed to find an auto shop that strives as hard as we do to provide their customers with the best automotive repair experience possible. We treat our customers like members of our family.

We are on our third generation of clients because we make a point of getting to know everyone who walks through our doors. So if you have a Check Engine light on, or you’ve noticed an odd noise, vibration, or smell, or it’s state inspection time, come on in to Story’s Garage and discover how painless automotive maintenance can be in Phoenixville, PA.

Preventive Auto Maintenance Phoenixville, PA

Most drivers know that they should get their oil changed every 4 months or 5,000 miles, but what they may not realize is that this type of regular maintenance allows us to catch small issues before they blow up into larger problems.

Preventive maintenance has gotten a bad rap over the years because it can be used – abused, really – as an excuse to sell unnecessary work. Properly done, though, it is exactly that: a well-maintained car is much less likely to break down on the road or leave you stranded in a parking lot because your car won’t start.

This is why it’s important to develop a relationship with a trustworthy auto shop. Here at Story’s Garage we’ll give your vehicle a thorough check when you bring it in for service. That way we can tell you what’s good, what needs attention now, and what will need attention later. We’re never pushy or overbearing, and we’ll never do any work without your approval, but we think it’s important that you know the exact condition of your automobile. If you’re like most of us, you’re in your car every day, and we want you to be safe out there on the road.

So if you have any questions about your vehicle’s performance, no matter the make or model, come on by, give us a call, or conveniently schedule an appointment online for a date and time that works for you!