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If your car vibrates and shakes while underway, drifts to the left or right, doesn’t steer well, or wears tires out, there may be something wrong with its wheel alignment. Pennsylvania’s notorious potholes take a terrific toll on wheels, tires, and suspension components. You can tell when you bend a wheel, because the car starts to shake, but you don’t always know when a suspension part has been knocked out of true or degraded over time.

Here at Story’s Garage we take a lot of pride in our alignment capabilities. We have a state-of-the art Hunter computerized alignment machine, and we know how to use it. Cliff has had Hunter factory training and years of experience. We’re extremely fussy: we can’t stand a steering wheel that isn’t horizontal when the car is going straight ahead, and we can’t abide a car that wanders all over the place. If you’d like your vehicle to go where it’s pointed, smoothly and accurately, and you’d like your tires to last as long as possible, let Cliff at Story’s Garage check and adjust your wheel alignment.

Tire mounting and balancing in Phoenixville, PA

Almost anyone could mount tires in the old days. Wheels were steel, tires were tall and skinny, and all you needed was a primitive tire machine or a set of tire irons. Those days are gone! Wheels today are made of aluminum alloys, easily damaged, and low-profile tires are stiff and difficult to mount. Here at Story’s Garage we have state-of-the-art Hunter tire mounting and balancing equipment, and we know how to mount and balance tires with care and precision. We also sell good tires at competitive prices. If your tires are worn, or your steering wheel is shaking, stop in at Story’s Garage and let us smooth out your ride!